Souffle Paradise

Located at Thonglo Soi 17, The Commons is an enchanting space of greenary, open spaces, quaint cafes and plenty of gourmet food. Not to be missed is The Brix Dessert Bar.


You may go for the safe choices of brownie and ice cream. We went for the first on the dessert page – Souffle. Made on the spot, we waited about 15 minutes for each souffle. With such a beautiful setting, the wait felt like nothing.

15874758_10210666479034744_2879170009795547899_oThis souffle sour cream pancake is┬áserved with honey, crumble, banana and vanilla ice cream. It is nothing short of plain, and reminds me of Gordon Ramsey’s masterchef souffle challenges. This will definitely be masterchef challenge worthy. It was, in my opinion, the best souffle I have had in Asia. Made to perfection – crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, the touch of sour cream paired perfectly with its sweet counterparts. We finished all of it right to the last drop. At 220baht for the small souffle size, it is well worth it and we will come back for more.


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