Can we recognise that?


I am better than that, and we can be compassionate, accepting and loving toward ourselves first, and then towards them. Otherwise, how then is it possible to fight against all of that? Every one struggles, and I recognise that, she struggles, maybe he does too, yes he definitely does. And when they do something that hurts, they are acting from a place of defense.

So no, it isn’t harrassment. We each have sovereign minds that think differently, that hurt and react differently. We are all humans and we are in the same boat, that we are all hurt in our own ways.

Compassion, and only compassion and choosing him, and choosing love, allows all of us to feel anger, pain, frustration without taking these feelings to a dark place that bends us and those close to us out of shape.

I am not on their side, it is just the world leads a little, a little more compassion. Can we recognise that?

Oh god, this is hard.


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