The woman of my life 

I am a lucky girl with you in my life. 

Thank you for all the goodness knows how many times in my life, when I simply dread myself or I don’t understand or I doubt or, for the most part, I am in fear, you never dismiss all of these, and you so whole heartedly laugh at me. Most would think that is offensive, but I can’t count with my fingers anymore how many times laughing tides us through the most crazy moments. 

You taught me to laugh at myself- and that is the best thing ever. You embrace my wildest spirit and we have that effect on each other all the time- wild, young and maybe just a little less free. 

Thank you for being my wingman, for being my soul whisperer, for listening to all my rants and for all the laughter I can remember of us. 

I love you and Happy International Women Day to you, you amazing woman. 


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