Is it enough to make it last?

f0589a5e3033f54ffdc198e31d2e74acbreak-1850705I told him at this point, I don’t have a track record of successful relationships. I am not sitting on my armchair by the fireplace with my grandkids sitting next to me, and telling them, I know what it takes for a relationship, a marriage to last.

Fact is, I am right here right now tried before, failed before, and I still don’t know what it takes to make this work.

“Do you think the fact that I love him, at least for my part, and maybe he is too, or maybe not, or maybe he is close to; do you think love is enough to make a relationship last?”

“Love is not enough. You have to be willing to give up, to sacrifice. It is commitment, it is selflessness.”

And that was such a father-daughter moment that made my heart warm again.

It is crazy vulnerable to tell him I love him, but I know full well too, that Love is not everything it takes to make two people work.


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