First impressions 

So apparently he was incredibly attracted to my accidental haughtiness during our first impression meet up. 

He came up to say Hi during our first match together. And he was exchanging words of courtesy and introducing himself as the captain of his team. 

I smiled and he claimed that I said the following to him, “Oh, that is your team. That is great. That will give my team a breather.”

Which in other words, I was saying their team was a small feat and my team could relax playing against them. 

He was shocked and he went back to his team and exclaimed “That girl over there, thinks we are easy to beat. We must win this!” 

At the end of that match, (and despite their incredible efforts to uphold their vehemence), my team emerged the winner. 

He walked away, ego bruised a little but deeply remembered my sheer haughtiness on the field. 

I don’t remember my exchange of words with him.  

A year later, he came up to me and confessed how much he always admired me on the field and never stopped noticing me then. As a female player and as a female captain.

I smiled, unknowing of that funny first impression, and wondered how many of such accidental statements I have made. 


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